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Grooming Services

Whether it is a Bon Voyage bath after a kennel visit or a full spa day, our talented canine stylist offers a variety of grooming services.

A full grooming includes your dog’s coat combed and/or clipped, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, bath and dry. 

 Spa Packages

Making a Splash - $12

Nail File
Pearly Whites
Day Glow

Sandy Paws - $14

Nail File
Deep Cleaning Fizz Treatment that sanitizes pads and conditions, brightens, and whitens nails. Eliminates fungus, bacteria, and germs.  Finished with massaging Grape seed oil spray into the pads which replenishes and softens paws
+Add Nail Polish Application (4 paws) + $6  ($20 total)

Whatever Floats Your Boat - $15

Pick 3 of the À la Carte services to create your own

Sail Away - $18

Paw Perfect Package
Hydrating Fur Butter Conditioning Treatment
Designer Accessory

A Day At The Beach - $24

Paw Perfect Package with Nail Polish
Hydrating Fur Butter Conditioning Treatment
Choice of Facial
Designer Accessory

 À la Carte

Feather Application - $8

Feathers applied to the head, tail or ear area

Bead Application - $6

Beads applied to the head, tail, or ear area

Day Glow - $3

Application of leave-in conditioner

Facial - $8

Aids in the elimination of stubborn tear duct stains, facial discoloration and doggie odors.  In addition to its fur brightening qualities, the fruity scent is said to have an aromatherapy effect, as it calms the canine 

Choice of Blueberry or Cucumber Melon

Hydrating Fur Butter Conditioning Treatment - $9

This ultra-rich conditioning treatment will heal your dog's skin, while leaving their coat super soft.  Releases moisturizing emollients for up to 24 hours

Choice of Pomegranate & Acai or Guava & Mango  

Nail Filing - $14

Allows us to get close to the quick while rounding
off sharp points          

Pearly Whites - $5

Teeth are brushed using a fresh breath tooth gel and then is followed up with an oral care spray that freshens breath and controls bacteria

Nail Clipping - $12

Trim your canine’s nails using conventional clippers

Paw Polish - $2.50 per paw

Apply special nail polish to each of your canine’s nails.  Pricing per paw

FURminator Treatment - $10 - $15

Get rid of your dog's excessive and hot undercoat! This will not only feel great for your pooch, but it will also eliminate the hairy mess in your home!

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Note:  Current prices as of January 12, 2024.  Prices are subject to change at any time.